AquaBlok, Ltd. is an independently owned, privately held manufacturing company based in Northwest Ohio. Founded by civil and environmental engineers and scientists, it is backed by decades of experience in coating technologies and environmental remediation. Supported by a strong group of private investors and an experienced Board of Directors, AquaBlok is well-equipped to continue its history of technical innovation and strong engineering design and application support.


AquaBlok's patented composite particle design is simple in concept: A coating of fine-grained powders is applied to a stone aggregate or other core material. Typically, these powdered materials are bentonite, modified minerals, or active amendments. In addition to our standard product formulations, AquaBlok can manufacture customized products to incorporate other proprietary amendments or composite particle attributes to meet site-specific conditions and challenges. From low-permeability sealing to treatment-specific formulations, our products are widely adaptable to environmental-remedial engineering applications.  






AquaBlok is headquartered in Swanton, Ohio, along with their lab and primary manufacturing facility. Here, a team of engineers and scientists contribute their expertise to further product development to address specific engineering and environmental challenges. Stop by sometime! We encourage customers and industry associates to visit our facilities and learn more about our capabilities firsthand. 



Ongoing product development, testing, and quality control are integral parts of our daily operations. Our lab facility has ASTM Hydraulic Conductivity testing, column testing, ovens, particle size segregation, and a wide range of other testing equipment. During production operations and after material placement, AquaBlok supports our customers with quality control and material testing to quantify and verify material qualities and characteristics. Contact us to inquire about how we can support your material testing/selection activity.



Production Facility and Capability

AquaBlok's production facility is capable of efficiently supporting large project requirements. Our automated batch plant provides high-volume aggregate handling, and our large under-roof storage facility allows for significant dry inventory capacity. AquaBlok also has provided on-site manufacturing operations in Alaska, Maine, Los Angeles, Texas, Alabama and Norway to date. On-site or near-site production and manufacturing has supported project material requirements of more than 30,000 tons. Please contact us to find out how AquaBlok can cost-effectively fulfill your project needs. 


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