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We would love to share more with you about AquaBlok and let you start getting your hands dirty (we’ll send you a 5-oz. sample, not 5 tons!). If we or one of our representatives can be in your office in person, we’ll be there. But even if it means a webinar (instead of a seminar) to start, we’re happy to get into more of the gritty details with you. 

These presentations/discussions are free, and if you are an engineer, may even qualify for a CEU or PDH. Just let us know where your interests lie, and we’ll be in touch within two business days to set up a time to meet. We look forward to the conversation.

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 Contaminant Sequestration of Sediments, Soils, Surface Water & Groundwater (AquaBlok® family of products)
 In Situ Treatment of Sediments, Soils, Surface Water & Groundwater (AquaGate™ family of products including AquaGate+ORGANOCLAY, AquaGate+PAC, etc.)
 Nutrient Management/Phosphorus Inactivation (BARACLEAR®)
 Restoration Seeding – Wetland and Upland Seeding (SubmerSeed® and SeedSet™)
Other(s), please specify
 Pond/Basin Construction & Rehab
 Synthetic Liner Repair/Reinforcement
 Dam/Berm/Levee Construction & Rehab
 Structure Bedding (Installation)
 Control Structure Installation/Repair
 Anti-Seep Collars/Trench Dams (Pipe/Utility Applications)
 Manhole & Structure Sealing (Rehab)
 Utility Separation/Isolation
 Stream/Canal/Ditch Lining
 Temporary Dams/Stream Diversions
 Flood Mitigation
 Sink Hole Repair
 Animal Damage/Burrow Plugging
 Landfill Applications
 Gas Migration Barrier
 Well Decommissioning/Sealing (Drilling Applications)
Other(s), please specify
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