1 - When Traditional Methods Don't Hold Water

When Traditional Methods Don't Hold Water
Highly versatile in a broad range of sealing settings and circumstances

2 - Unique Stone Core Design

Unique Stone Core Design
Simply put, stone aggregate core wrapped with powdered sodium bentonite

3 - We've Built a Better Bentonite

We've Built a Better Bentonite
Highly durable and structurally stable

4 - The Difference is in the Delivery

The Difference is in the Delivery
Simplifies handling and reduces labor, saving time and money

5 - Stops the Leak

Stops the Leak
Effective for leak prevention and repair

6 - Engineered Bentonite

Engineered Bentonite
No field blending/mixing, high shear strength, self-compacting

7 - Convenient Packaging Options

Convenient Packaging Options
Available in two convenient packages (50-lb bags and bulk super sacks)

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Simply Put, Stop the Leak

Physical Composition

Built on a simple premise, AquaBlok’s equally simple design and familiar ingredients can do extraordinary things. But in its simplest form (and as the name of both the company and the foundational product suggest) our bentonite-wrapped “composite particle system” stops water – period. MORE>>

Key Benefits/Technical Advantages

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  • Efficient and effective delivery of high-value, high-quality sodium bentonite at relatively low concentrations
  • Improved uniformity and reliable seal in inches rather than feet; no field mixing or blending
  • Low cost handling & installation
  • Unique geotechnical attributes: dense, self-compacting; high shear strength
  • Highly versatile: ready out of the package in a full range of designs and orientations


Common Applications

It’s fairly common for a person new to AquaBlok to hear of a single use for the product or the reason for its original conception (see About Us) and pigeon-hole the material for a single use (e.g. “AquaBlok is a pond liner.”). Truth is, AquaBlok finds a home in a wide variety of settings both in and around water. MORE>>

AquaBlok in the News

AquaBlok Materials Well-Represented at the 2017 Battelle Contaminated Sediments Conference

NEW ORLEANS, LA (PRWEB) JANUARY 23, 2017 AquaBlok, Ltd. is proud to report that another successful Battelle Sediments Conference was held last week in New Orleans, LA. In addition to… Read More


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Success Stories

Basin Construction - Portage, Ohio

Constructed to handle surface water associated with a new commercial development, this ~1-acre basin was excavated into soils that the engineer originally felt confident would be…

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Anti-Seep Collar/Berm Stability - West Norriton, Pennsylvania

Constructed in 2000, the suburban retail complex adjacent to the basin now features more than a 75% coefficient of runoff – that is, the percentage of precipitation that appears as…

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Tile Plug/Levee Rehab - Oak Harbor, Ohio

With countless miles of earthen dike walls separating tens of thousands of acres of wetlands, control of water is crucial to the broader management of these critical habitats. In many…

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