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To achieve a 1-inch layer of dry AquaBlok, apply right out of the packaging at 7-lbs/SF. No blending with on-site soil or physical compaction of the product is needed to create a reliable seal.

AquaBlok weighs approximately 90-lbs/cubic foot in its dry state. This means a 2,400-lb bulk bag of AquaBlok is one cubic yard.

AquaBlok's manufacturing plant is located in Swanton, OH. The product can be shipped by van, flatbed, rail, and even ocean container. A local batch facility can be set-up for very large (>1,000 CY) applications.

AquaBlok is constructed entirely of earthen ingredients: unaltered, Wyoming-derived sodium bentonite (powder), wrapped around a limestone core (typically <3/8" in size), held together with a natural binder.

A 2,400-lb. super sack of AquaBlok covers 340 square feet at one inch thick (dry). That same super sack would cover 170 square feet at a two-inch dry thickness (~14-lbs/square foot).

Limestone aggregate (crushed stone) serves as the core of AquaBlok. There is a stone in every particle so the product is much heavier and more structurally sound than bentonite alone.

If stored on a job site, AquaBlok needs to be protected under-roof or at a minimum covered with a waterproof tarp. In its original packaging, humidity should not damage the material.

AquaBlok in 50-lb.bags are shipped 48 per pallet. At 2,400-lbs. per skid, this is a cubic yard of material (same as our bulk bags).

Because of its unique construction, AquaBlok "sinks like a stone" and can be placed through standing water for reliable placement. Individual particles will stay intact as they drop through a water column.

AquaBlok is available in 50-lb. bags or 2,400-lb. bulk super sacks.

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