AquaBlok is a proven technology with nearly 100 full-scale applications performed over the past decade.


AquaBlok® provides a range of patented products to address many common remediation challenges. All of our products utilize a composite particle technology that consists of a coated core (typically stone aggregate). The particles act as a delivery system by placement of finegrained active ingredients through a water column to appropriate target locations.

AquaBlok and AquaGate®+ are two distinctly different composite material solutions that have been applied successfully in the United States and key locations around the globe. AquaGate+ delivers amendments in a thin coating around an inner core, allowing movement of water through the material for treatment, while limiting the migration of contaminants.

Sites where AquaBlok and AquaGate+ materials have been applied have been monitored and studied extensively, including an in-depth evaluation by the U.S. EPA (Superfund Innovation Technology Evaluation).

Proven Technologies for Containment and Treatment of Contamination
AquaBlok provides a low-permeability chemical isolation barrier
AquaBlok is a family of low-permeability, thin capping materials that are intended to provide isolation of contamination from the surface water to establish a new, clean benthic layer for restoration. These materials can be used as a simple thin isolation cap, for post-dredging residual management, or in a range of designs know as Funnel & Gate that are intended to minimize the potential for contaminant break-through while directing groundwater or advective flow to a treatment gate.
  • All-natural clay material provides thin layer, low hydraulic conductivity, and immediate clean layer suitable for habitat restoration
  • Provides mechanism for post cap monitoring
  • Implementable in connection with either MNA or Dredge/Cap strategy
  • Highly cost effective alternative and less invasive than dredging

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AquaGate+ delivers permeable, in-situ treatment materials for remediation.
AquaGate+ is a family of permeable, treatment or adsorbtive materials that are intended to remove contamination from pore water and/or reduce potential of contaminant break-through. These materials can be used in a reactive cap, for in-situ treatment, or in a range of other applications to control contaminant migration.
  •  Provides uniform delivery of small quantities of a high-value treatment material
  • Use of powdered treatment materials = faster adsorption rate
  • Creates thicker, more uniform layers with less material usage
  • Offers ability to mix treatment materials with other granular capping materials and provide uniform delivery in a single lift (less risk of material separation with a wide range of treatment materials)

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 Submerseed® is a versatile, cost-effective alternative to promote the establishment of beneficial vegetative growth in and around wetland and aquatic systems.

Traditionally, wetland vegetation is introduced (or re-introduced) into an aquatic environment using two basic methods; plug planting and seeding. The SubmerSeed® Composite Seeding Technology was developed by AquaBlok, Ltd. as a means to address the limitations of these established propagation methods.

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