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Freight/Transportation Options/PACKAGING OPTIONS

AquaBlok® can be packaged and delivered to project sites in a variety of ways. Packaging usually involves placing product into bulk Supersacks that can range from one cubic yard (approx. 2,400 lbs.) up to 20-ton bladder bags. Material can also be delivered in bulk without packaging using covered dump trucks, depending on the project site and transport distance. Transport has been provided by truck, container, and by rail. AquaBlok tech support is available to provide logistics support to our customers.





Product Installation & Placement

AquaBlok can be placed with most conventional installation equipment. The approach is generally guided by site-specific factors and access to the placement area.The listing below illustrates a range of equipment and installation methods that have been successfully employed.

Product Placement

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Bulk bag PRODUCT INSTALL-PLACEMENT/excavator_supersack.jpg



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AquaBlok, Ltd. can provide on-site representation and assistance in implementation of QA/QC programs. On-site representation by AquaBlok, Ltd. may be required as a warranty condition when AquaBlok is being used on some projects, and can be provided for an additional fee. AquaBlok, Ltd. does not place product in the field. AquaBlok, Ltd., but will provide on-site support and will work with qualified contractors to ensure appropriate and adequate placement techniques.



Laboratory SUPPORT

Project-specific design mixes and coverage rates within the context of remedial designs may require the completion of preliminary laboratory or bench-scale testing. AquaBlok, Ltd. has laboratory facilities and equipment to accomplish basic laboratory testing and to develop and test various product formulations, often under modeled site-specific conditions.

For some projects, development of appropriate formulations and remedial designs (e.g. cap design and thickness) also requires site-specific estimates of peak (e.g. 100-year) surface water flow velocities potentially occurring at a site, or diffusion rates of particular dissolved contaminants through specific clay based formulations. AquaBlok, Ltd. can assist in the completion of laboratory studies and computer modeling that may be required to address these issues.

Aquablok does not perform treability testing on specific reactive or adsorptive materials however, the company provides support and



Large-Scale Testing: Settling Columns Lab Testing jpg/AquaBlok_settlingcolumns_csm.jpgclientuploads/71604 Lab Testing jpg/AquaBlok_settlingcolumns_asm.jpg
clientuploads/71604 Lab Testing jpg/AquaBlok_prehydration.jpgclientuploads/71604 Lab Testing jpg/AquaBlok_hydration.jpg
Hydraulic Conductivity Testing (ASTM 5084)
clientuploads/71604 Lab Testing jpg/AquaBlok_permeabilitytesting.jpgclientuploads/71604 Lab Testing jpg/AquaBlok_permeabilitytesting_lab.jpg
Erosion Testing: Flume
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Field Scale Permeability Testing
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project Cost ESTIMATES

Compared to environmental dredging, in-situ capping with AquaBlok and AquaGate®+ can provide a cost-effective solution to managing contaminated sediments in place. Costs for implementing an AquaBlok-based capping remedy will vary widely depending on a number of project and site-related factors that will collectively dictate the most appropriate product formulation, cap design and method(s) for cap installation.

Other factors, including the relative scale and location of the project, will also dictate whether product is manufactured at or near the site, which will also influence project cost. For example, on- or near-site manufacture (assuming appropriate support facilities and space are available) may not require product packaging and/or significant material transport, but would include costs associated with mobilization of AquaBlok equipment and personnel to the manufacture location. In contrast, product manufacture away from the site would include costs for product packaging and transport (e.g. over road, by rail, etc.), but would typically not involve any mobilization costs.

Costs associated with project planning and management, preliminary laboratory and/or field pilot studies (if required), cap design, permitting, construction QC, long-term performance monitoring and cap maintenance should also be considered. Costs related to sediment disposal (and potential pre-treatment) may be factors. Potential litigation arising from substantial damage to the ecosystem is also possible with the use of removal-based remedies.

AquaBlok provides support to engineers, consultants, and responsible parties to help assess and estimate costs associated with many of the above factors. Please contact us to learn more.



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On-Site Manufacture

Some projects may require product manufacture on-site, thus precluding the need for significant packaging and transport. For projects of significant size (exceeding 3-5 acres) or material requirements over 2,000 tons, on-site manufacture is often more cost-effective. On-site or near-site manufacturing can reduce packaging and freight costs, and will save on material handling, storage and other costs at the project site. Near-site production may also enable the use of just-in-time material delivery for faster installation.

AquaBlok has performed on-site manufacturing in Maine, Alaska, Texas, Norway, and others. Contact us for more information about large-scale product installations.


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