It’s fairly common for a person new to AquaBlok to hear of a single use for it or the reason for its original conception (see About Us) and pigeon-hole the material for a single application (e.g. “AquaBlok is a pond liner.”). Truth is, AquaBlok finds a home in a wide variety of settings both in and around water.

As you explore more about the “composite” of stone wrapped in sodium bentonite that is AquaBlok, remember: we've built a Better Bentonite™. Below are just a few settings in which AquaBlok has been successfully applied:

  • In and around freshwater lakes, ponds, and basins of many makes and models;
  • In and on dams, berms, levees, and other water control structures;
  • In and adjacent to rivers, streams, creeks, ditches, and flowing water;
  • In and around wetland environments;
  • Along and within utility installations such as pipes, structures, manholes, etc. (think infiltration reduction);
  • On and surrounding landfills and other waste disposal sites;
  • Around buildings and critical infrastructure;
  • Pretty much anywhere water can move where it can have negative consequences.

Also keep in mind that because bentonite behaves differently in brackish and saltwater environments, we can custom-formulate with additional mineralogy (i.e. other natural clays) to provide the same reliable seal in saline conditions -- e.g. estuaries, tidal bays, and even open oceans.


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