Simply Put, Stop the Leak

Built on a simple premise, AquaBlok’s equally simple design and familiar ingredients can do extraordinary things. But in its simplest form (and as the name of both the company and the foundational product suggest) our bentonite-wrapped “composite particle system” stops water – period.

Like so many products, AquaBlok must be seen and more importantly felt to be fully appreciated. But once that a-ha moment is realized (in-person or even online), the analogies flow, well, like water . . . “yogurt covered raisins” (in a dry form), “extra crunchy peanut butter” (once wetted and allowed to hydrate), or even the “earthen Post-It note” (because of the straightforward combination of two familiar ingredients). But our favorite is one that an excavator uttered the first time he felt the unique properties of the hydrated material in his hands – Nature’s Duct Tape™. We liked it so much, we trademarked the phrase!

This comparison is fitting not only because of the no-nonsense utility of both products, it also rings true because, like duct tape, AquaBlok can provide the reliable solution in a staggering array of settings and circumstances. Like the loyal roll of gray adhesive, we hope that you’ll find ways to utilize the consistent performance of AquaBlok to justify a place in your proverbial toolbox.

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