AquaGate® for contaminant sequestration and in-situ treatment.

AquaGate® for targeted delivery of amendments.

AquaGate®+ for phosphorus inactivation & ecological restoration.



AquaBlok is a proven technology with nearly 100 full-scale applications performed over the past decade.


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Find out how AquaGate+ improves remediation outcomes and reduces the cost of delivering amendment materials in aquatic settings.


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AquaBlok can provide technical and logistical support for your project, including lab testing, on-site assistance and quality assurance.


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Environmental Remediation

Proven Technology for Containment and Treatment of Contamination

AquaBlok® provides a range of patented products to address many common remediation challenges. All of our products utilize a composite particle technology that consists of a coated core (typically stone aggregate). The particles act as a delivery system by placement of fine-grained active ingredients through a water column to appropriate target locations.

AquaBlok and AquaGate®+ are two distinctly different composite material solutions that have been applied successfully in the United States and key locations around the globe. AquaGate+ delivers amendments in a thin coating around an inner core, allowing movement of water through the material for treatment, while limiting the migration of contaminants.

Key Benefits Technical Advantages


  • Uniform delivery through a water column; minimal material separation or loss
  • Creates uniform layers with less material; field mixing or blending not required

  • Installation support; in-house technical support

  • Product is custom-formulated to your specifications

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