Key Advantages

  • Better than pellets at a lower price

  • Easy application and fast settling reduces field time and potential bridging

  • Contains only inert (food grade) raw materials—no potential contaminants

  • Available in standard 3/8” or 1/4” sizes

  • Aggregate core provides a high-solids, more expansive seal


HoleBlok™ Products Seal & Aid in Pollution Prevention

HoleBlok particles offer an alternative to conventional coated pellets or granular bentonite to address sealing and limit both cross contamination and rebound associated with the use of bentonite in monitoring wells.

The use of HoleBlok, a dense, bentonite-coated aggregate for sealing annular spaces in wells minimizes bridging during descent through the annular space, enabling more effective placement of the bentonite component directly overtop sand packs in monitoring well installation, resulting in formation of a continuous and effective well seal.

The settling velocity of dry HoleBlok particles through a water column within the annular space equals or exceeds that of bentonite coated pellets and is faster than that of pure bentonite chips. Smaller-diameter, dense HoleBlok particles can also be formulated to accommodate particularly narrow annular spaces. AquaBlok® can also be used in lieu of, or in combination with, typical grouting material to affect a hydraulic seal elsewhere within a well, as dictated by site-specific conditions.


HoleBlok+™ Annular Sealant

HoleBlok+ annular sealant combines two well-established and proven active ingredients – zero-valent iron (ZVI) and bentonite. The unique combination helps minimize the potential for cross-contamination of surficial groundwater zones along annular spaces in environmental monitoring wells and minimizes the potential for “rebound” – the post-absorption release of contaminants trapped by the bentonite seal, or entering the well-screen of a monitoring well.  

HoleBlok+ is the only annular seal that aids in prevention of well contamination.

  • Reactive matrix minimizes rebound of contaminants

  • Easy application and fast settling reduces field time

  • Uniform distribution minimizes bridging

  • Effective contiguous and reactive well seal

  • Improved remedial performance

  • Competitive pricing vs. standard coated pellets

HoleBlok in 50lb plastic pail
HoleBlok in paper bag with geoprobe

HoleBlok and HoleBlok+ products are easy to handle/apply and are packaged in either 50lb plastic pails or paper bags. For larger projects, products can be packaged in approximately one-ton super sacks (bulk bags). Bulk packaging also provides significant savings on per pound material costs.