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Sealing Applications

AquaBlok’s bentonite-based sealing material has been used in a variety of aquatic settings and applications, including anti-seep collars, dam construction, cut-off walls, pond and basin construction and repair, and many more. Go to Sealing Applications


Anti-Seep Collar/Trench Dam/Trench Breaker

Traditionally, anti-seep collars (aka trench dams or trench breakers) made of a variety of materials (e.g., rubber, PVC, plastic, concrete) have been used as an impermeable barrier around a pipe. Alternatively, AquaBlok provides a low-permeability, erosion-resistant seal around a pipe to cut off seepage and preferential pathways across and along the conduit. Go to Anti-Seep Collar/Trench Dam/Trench Breaker


Dam Construction & Core Trench

Whether called a core trench, cut-off wall, containment curtain, or dam rehabilitation, the goal of this AquaBlok application remains the same: create a vertical hydraulic barrier to prevent water and groundwater seepage through and under an existing berm. Go to Dam Construction & Core Trench


Foundation Protection

Preventing leaking basements and addressing water and structural damage can be challenging once construction of a foundation or building is complete. Using AquaBlok in a shallow trench along the perimeter of a building, or as a subsurface seal or blanket along points of vulnerability, such as downspouts, can be a simple, inexpensive solution. Go to Foundation Protection


Pond & Basin Lining & Construction

Many ponds & basins are constructed using permeable or marginal soils that are not ideal for holding water. AquaBlok’s bentonite-based sealing material is a simple, cost-effective alternative to either spot treat or line the entire bottom of a pond or basin during its construction. Go to Pond & Basin Lining & Construction


Pond & Basin Leaks & Repairs

Environmental factors (e.g., drought or underlying sand and gravel) and construction oversights (e.g. faulty control structures) can cause leaks and water loss in an existing pond or basin. AquaBlok’s bentonite-based sealing material provides a target seal without having to drain the pond. Go to Pond & Basin Leaks & Repairs


Synthetic Liner Reinforcement & Repair

AquaBlok’s bentonite-based sealing material, is compatible with most geomembrane lining systems. It can either be placed on or under a torn liner, either in the dry or directly through the water column, to create an earthen patch and a reliable, low-permeability seal. Go to Synthetic Liner Reinforcement & Repair


Plugging Animal Burrows

Burrowing animals, such as muskrats, groundhogs, and beavers, can destabilize dikes and berms causing leaks and water loss in ponds and basins. AquaBlok’s bentonite-based sealing material fills existing holes and tunnels and discourages animals from revisiting their point of entry. Go to Plugging Animal Burrows


Structure Bedding

Any physical structure (e.g. stormwater overflow, catch basin, hydrant, etc.) installed to store or convey water is a source of vulnerability. Poor soils, inadequate compaction, erosional forces over time, or a combination of these factors can lead to failures, compromising the function of the structure and/or broader soil stability. AquaBlok is inexpensive solution. Go to AquaBlok Product Applications

Manhole Sealing (Infiltration Reduction)

Joints, stubs, and risers on sanitary systems and other underground utilities are particularly vulnerable to groundwater/surface water infiltration. This can cause costly leaks. AquaBlok serves as a simple, pour-in-place seal that is both flexible and durable. Go to AquaBlok Product Applications


Streambed, Canal, & Ditch Lining

Moving bodies of water can experience leaks through bottom substrates, the side slopes, or both. Adjacent land use (e.g., mining) or seismic activity can also disturb the channel bed and cause water loss. AquaBlok’s ease-of-handling and reliable seal can be a cost-effective solution. Go to AquaBlok Product Applications


Temporary Dams & Stream Diversions

AquaBlok’s bentonite-based sealing material creates an earthen dam or diversion to stop the flow of water. It can be used in conjunction with another barrier (e.g., as bedding beneath a bladder dam), and is easily removable and disposable. Go to AquaBlok Product Applications


Flood Mitigation

Used in conjunction with traditional flood protection (e.g., sandbags, gabions), AquaBlok offers a reliable seal to minimize the threat of rising flood waters. Go to AquaBlok Product Applications


Slope Sealing & Stabilization (Cellular Confinement)

Recommended for use on grades steeper than 3:1, AquaBlok can be used in conjunction with a three-dimensional cellular confinement system or geocell to provide slope stabilization. Useful on stream banks, shorelines, and areas where surface water must be managed over severe topography (e.g., roadways, mining facilities, etc.) Go to AquaBlok Product Applications


Sinkhole Repair

A low-permeability AquaBlok layer on top of a newly re-established aggregate base can dramatically reduce the movement of water and help prevent the migration and reoccurrence of a repeat sinkhole. Go to AquaBlok Product Applications


Gas Migration Barrier

When applied below grade in a setting that will remain saturated, AquaBlok fortifies utilities that convey gases (e.g. methane collection systems on landfills). The structural support of the aggregate core coupled with the sealing capacity of the powdered sodium bentonite makes AquaBlok ideal for both bedding a pipe and reinforcing critical joints and junctions. Go to AquaBlok Product Applications


AquaBlok for Freshwater Settings

AquaBlok 2080FW is a sealing material that provides uniform delivery of powdered sodium bentonite directly through a water column in aquatic settings (e.g. below groundwater table) or where mechanical compaction is difficult or not possible. It provides hydraulic conductivity of 5x10-8 cm/sec when hydrated. Go to AquaBlok Products


AquaBlok for Saltwater Settings

AquaBlok 3070 is a saltwater-compatible sealing material. It is used for applications in water with salinity in the range of 12-35ppt. By adding attapulgite clay to the material’s powdered sodium bentonite coating, the material will achieve hydraulic conductivity in the range of 5x10-6 cm/sec without mechanical compaction. AquaBlok 30707 sometimes requires an armor or erosion protection layer, if exposed to flow or moving water. Go to AquaBlok Products


Geotechnical Sealing FAQ

AquaBlok is here to help. A list of frequently asked questions is provided to guide your use of AquaBlok in a variety of geotechnical sealing applications and settings. Go to FAQ


Find a Distributor

AquaBlok products are applied throughout the U.S. and Canada and have found a home in several countries around the globe. Go to Distributors


AquaBlok Demonstration for Geotechnical Sealing

To get a good idea of AquaBlok’s capabilities and ease of use, the “bottle test” is recommended. Go to Demonstration