AquaBlok Materials Well-Represented At The 2017 Battelle Contaminated Sediments Conference

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In addition to being a sponsor and exhibitor, AquaBlok's sediment remediation products were highlighted in 22 platform and poster presentations.


AquaBlok, Ltd. is proud to report that another successful Battelle Sediments Conference was held last week in New Orleans, LA. In addition to being a sponsor and exhibitor, the company authored and co-authored four platform and poster presentations, and its materials were featured in 18 others. AquaBlok President John Hull and COO John Collins also served as co-chairs for two platform sessions: “Cap Design and Modeling” and “Successfully Combining Remedies.”

The 18 AquaBlok-related presentations were authored or conducted by a number of well-respected entities in the environmental industry, such as Arcadis, CH2M, Geosyntec, the U.S. Navy, and Tetra Tech. These technical presentations showcased successful contaminated sediment remediation projects, pilot studies, and testing that used a range of materials supplied by AquaBlok.

A major theme at the conference was the increased use and positive results obtained from application of a variety of amendments, and particularly, activated carbon. Because of this, as well as the company’s strong presence at the conference and the recent ESTCP Project-of-the-Year award (link to, the company experienced a significant interest in AquaGate+PAC, their powder-activated carbon treatment material.

"The focus on amendments is a reflection of both the successful application of our materials, as well as an industry that is moving forward and becoming more open to different management approaches for remediation of contaminated sediments," said Mr. Collins, who also spoke at the conference.

Mr. Collins’ platform presentation, titled "Active Cap Material Placement at East Branch Grand Calumet River: Quality Control and Evaluation of Sorption Characteristics," demonstrated another AquaBlok treatment material, AquaGate+ORGANOCLAY™, and its use on the East Branch of the Grand Calumet River. This presentation focused on the important role that post-installation quality control and verification of material properties can have on project planning and economics.

AquaBlok also presented two posters. The first, titled "Machado Lake Ecosystem Rehabilitation," highlighted in-lake improvements, such as dredging lake sediment and capping the bottom with AquaBlok's bentonite-based material. The second, "Modeling and Construction Overview for Active Cap at Passaic River Mile 10.9," showcased AquaGate+PAC and its use to cap 5.5 acres of contaminated sediment in the Lower Passaic River.

About AquaBlok, Ltd.

AquaBlok, Ltd., based in Swanton, Ohio, is a manufacturer of a range of patented composite particle materials that enable a low permeability, thin capping products for the management, isolation and treatment of contamination in sediments and sealing in a wide range of geotechnical applications. Descriptions and detailed profiles of AquaBlok technologies can be found at

Micah Warschausky