Nutrient Management

AquaGate+ Alum´┐Ż

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Water quality issues caused by excess nutrients?

AquaGate+Alum is a unique orthophosphate removal product formulated to bind nitrients and help to clarify water. It is a patented composite of traditional active ingredients (primarily aluminum sulfate or alum) combined with other non-toxic, earthen materials.

Like all AquaBlok and AquaGate products, the material takes on a pebble-like appearance, with an average particle size of approximately 1/4" to 3/8" inches in diameter. The composite particle form is distinguished largely by its physical characteristics, which allow for improved and targeted application of active ingredients to the sediment/water interface, where phosphorus concentrations are typically highest.

  • AquaGate+Alum is an aluminum sulfate (alum) based formulation intended to precipitate nutrients (particularly soluble phosphorus derivatives) as well as other organic and inorganic particles.

  • AquaGate+Alum takes the form of a natural stone-shaped particle ranging in size from approximately 1/4" to 3/8" in diameter; its limestone core aids in targeted placement as well as pH buffering.

  • AquaGate+Alum is available in 50-lb. (5-gallon) pails and/or FBIC Supersacks (for very large applications) and can be applied either by hand or with the use of traditional broadcasting equipment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Absorption of atmospheric moisture should be avoided following the opening of the original package. Premature direct contact with water will degrade product integrity. Product can be stored indefinitely, provided it is not exposed to moisture. For additional information, please contact us by phone (419) 825-1325 or via email at 


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