RemBind Remediation of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) Demonstrated in CSIRO and University of Adelaide Testing

AquaBlok offers materials and approaches to apply RemBind for PFAS remediation in soil and groundwater. 

AquaBlok, Ltd., the exclusive North America distributor of RemBind (Ziltek Pty Ltd) materials, is pleased to distribute information related to newly released testing of materials that can remediate PFAS in the environment.

The research paper is titled, "Sorprtive remediation of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) using mixed mineral and graphene/carbon-based materials." Authors of the research are as follows: 

  • Supriya Lath of the School of Agriculture University of Adelaide

  • Divina A. Navarro of both the University of Adelaide and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Land and Water

  • Dusan Losic of the School of Chemical Engineering University of Adelaide

  • Anupama Kumar of CSIRO Land and Water

  • Michael J. McLaughlin of both the University of Adelaide and CSIRO Land and Water

 A key conclusion of the research paper states, "successful sorption of a range of PFASs from a contaminated-site water sample highlights the potential of using 'mixed' adsorbents like FeG (an iron-oxide modified reduced-graphene oxide composite) and RemBind (an aluminum hydroxide carbon blend) in situ for PFAS remediation, as they provide avenues for enhanced sorption through multiple mechanisms."

As shown in Figure 1, with respect to Sorption Time, test data indicated that at an initial PFOA concentration of 30ugL (in a 10m M CaCI2 background at 25oc), RemBind (RemB) achieved greater than 90% removal/adsorption within 3-4 hours, which was slightly greater than an FeG and a much greater removal rate and efficacy than GO (graphene oxide).

In the research paper, three materials were compared using PFAS contaminated water from a commercial airport site in Australia for thirteen specific PFAS family compounds. The composition of the water compound specific performance is detailed in the paper.

From the data presented in the paper, it is apparent that average removal percentages of RemBind met or exceeded the performance of FeG for the full range of PFAS in the contaminated site water, and both RemBind and FeG significantly out-performed the GO except for two compounds, Fluorotelomers.

The paper concludes that several important applications exist for what are referred to as the mixed mineral and C-based adsorbents, FeG and RemBind. Specifically, an application as a barrier to line landfills to minimize the migration of leachate is noted as a potential application.

AquaBlok also provides AquaGate+RemBind for remediation of PFAS in groundwater (Permeable Reactive Barriers) and sediments. For more information, call (419) 825-1325.

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