AquaBlok, Ltd. Announces Launch of New Website

The manufacturing company's new site offers easier access to their wide range of remediation and geotechnical sealing products and extensive library of technical information.

AquaBlok, Ltd. is excited to announce the launch of their new website. The site provides easy access to their wide range of technical information, more data to assist in the use and application of their various environmental remediation and geotechnical sealing products. A new look and layout also improve site navigation on desktop and mobile.

The website is structured in two sections that separately highlight both environmental remediation and geotechnical sealing (non-contamination) applications of their products.

Key sections available on the new website include: 

  • Downloads – Important technical data and literature (e.g. spec sheets, presentations) for both remediation and geotechnical sealing materials and applications

  • Links to Videos and Other Information – YouTube and LinkedIn profiles

  • Support– A new page that highlights the wide range of lab and field support provided

  • Material Calculators – Help in determining the quantity of product required for some of the most common Geotechnical Sealing applications

  • About AquaBlok – Background on the company

A search function is also provided to help users find what they need without wading through the large amount of information provided on the site.

AquaBlok, Ltd. encourages users to visit the new site and contact them with feedback. The company is always open to suggestions on how they can improve.

For more information on AquaBlok, Ltd. and their contaminated sediment remediation and geotechnical sealing (non-contamination) materials, please visit their new site or call (419) 825-1325.

About AquaBlok, Ltd. 
AquaBlok, Ltd. is a manufacturer of composite materials utilizing its patented coating and amendment approach. The company has a long history in the environmental industry and provides a range of products utilized in groundwater treatment and sediment remediation applications. AquaBlok uses its low-permeability bentonite delivery system in a range of geotechnical applications including, industrial impoundment sealing, anti-seep collars (trench dams) around piping, cut-off walls in porous soil conditions, and levee and dam repair or construction.