AquaBlok Materials Well-Represented at 2019 Battelle Contaminated Sediments Conference

AquaBlok, Ltd’s exhibit booth display at the 2019 Battelle Contaminated Sediments Conference highlighted three key benefits of their geotechnical sealing and sediment remediation materials: Powder Performance, Uniform Distribution, and Quality Control.

In addition to being a corporate sponsor, exhibitor, session chair, and presenter, AquaBlok's sediment remediation materials were featured in 28 platform and poster presentations.

AquaBlok, Ltd. is proud to report another successful Battelle Sediments Conference. In addition to being a corporate sponsor and exhibitor, representatives from the company authored and/or co-authored six platform and poster presentations. AquaBlok's contaminated sediment remediation materials were featured in 19 other presentations. President John Hull and COO John Collins served as session chairs for two platform sessions: Understanding Chemistry of In-Situ Treatment Amendments and Field-Scale Application of In-Situ Treatment Technologies, respectively.

Platform presentations coauthored by Mr. Collins include: 

Poster presentations authored and coauthored by Mr. Collins and Mr. Hull include: 

  • "Addressing Contaminated Groundwater to Surface Water Discharge: Application of Materials and Methods for Construction of In Situ Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRBs) to Limit Migration of PFAS" by John Collins and John Hull (AquaBlok, Ltd.) and Richard Stewart (Ziltek, Pty Ltd.)

  • "Joint Expeditionary Base (JEB) Little Creek: Application of Active Materials as a Component of Contaminated Sediment Remediation" by John Collins (AquaBlok, Ltd.), Stavros Patselas and Steve McGee (Tetra Tech)

  • “Biological Side Effects from Activated Carbon When Used in Contaminated Sediment Treatment: Trying to Put Things into Perspective" by Joe Jersak (SAO Environmental), John Collins and John Hull (AquaBlok, Ltd.), and Tore Hjartland (AquaBlok Norge AS)

  • "Evaluation of Activated Carbon as a Reactive Sediment Cap Amendment for Feasibility Level Studies" by David Flannery and Billy Barron (Cabot Corporation), Danny Reible and Tariq Hussain (Texas Tech University), and John Collins and John Hull (AquaBlok, Ltd.)

The 19 AquaBlok-featured presentations were authored and given by several well-respected individuals and companies in the environmental industry, including the U.S. Navy, Tetra Tech, and CDM Smith. A listing of and details related to these presentations can be found here.

AquaBlok’s display at the conference served as a launch for three new high-quality videos that highlighted important considerations and benefits of their materials. 

The videos can also be found on AquaBlok's newly redesigned website.

AquaBlok also promoted a new product, AquaGate+RemBind. Developed with Australian-based company Ziltek, Pty Ltd., this material, consisting of activated carbon, aluminum hydroxide, and other adsorptive agents, addresses PFAS contamination in soil, groundwater, and sediment. It is best-suited for use in a Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB).

About AquaBlok, Ltd
AquaBlok, Ltd., based in Swanton, Ohio, is a manufacturer of a range of patented low permeability, thin capping products for the management, isolation and treatment of contamination in sediments and sealing in a wide range of geotechnical applications. Descriptions and detailed profiles of AquaBlok’s technologies can be found on their newly redesigned website.